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Merriweather Inspirational Conference

Is your business working as you would like it to?

We know that all business leaders have the challenge of trying to balance achieving clarity and alignment, buy-in and accountability, a focus on results with making their teams feel valued, significant and informed, whilst simultaneously managing tighter and tighter travel and meeting budgets.

When regular meetings are not feasible Merriweather has an alternative solution to support you in achieving this balance.

The Merriweather Inspirational Conference is a one off intervention.

Over the past 20 years Merriweather has consistently achieved outstanding results for ambitious leaders at world class organisation by carefully crafting their team events and conferences, lasting any thing from two hours to two days into exceptional experiences which achieve buy-in, alignment, accountability and produce a reenergised team which is more focused on teamwork and leadership than ever before.

The business successes that have followed have been outstanding.

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