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Technology fit for purpose...



Operational excellence, build a winning team, deliver on technology plan.


James was recruited by RSA with one purpose in mind – lead a team of IT professionals to provide the business with technology that was fit for purpose.

He also brought with him from National Grid Transco and the Department for Justice a reputation and track record for building high performing teams. Recognising that the Merriweather Business Improvement Programme did not only deal with remedial challenges but also provided a platform to support good teams get better, he signed up.

Business Challenges

  • Provide technology fit for purpose
  • Technology must be an enabler for the business and not a dis-enabler
  • Deploy new hardware and software
  • Achieve cost savings of £5m through smart technology
  • Reduce time lost through IT failures
  • Do more with less
  • Re-negotiate effective contracts with major suppliers
  • Enhance relationships with business partners IBM and Accenture

The Measure of Transformation

Red to Green – Technology was taken off the business risk register.

A year on the team continued to be motivated and happy. Their commercial awareness around RSA’s business challenges had grown significantly and thought power was going into strategic thinking – not just tactical.

New desktops had been deployed to everyone and new applications were deployed around the business providing technology fit for purpose, adding value and driving out cost savings.

As part of the programme process, Merriweather measures the team effectiveness throughout the journey using the programme success factors.


Programme Success factors reported by the team:

  • Motivated and happy team, proud of what we achieve
  • Positive feedback
  • Successful deployments
  • Communication is much better
  • We know what we have to achieve
  • We are better leaders
  • Positive behaviours within the team and with suppliers

Programme Success factors reported by the leader:

  • A strong and successful team
  • CEO thinks we have over delivered
  • Secured next year’s budget
  • Cost savings achieved
  • Live service is green
  • Contribution to the team – no longer see others problems as just theirs.

"The Merriweather programme has helped us build a team that is motivated, happy and proud of itself. We have over delivered on our commitment to provide technology fit for purpose."

James De Watteville


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