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    Introducing the brand-new Merriweather virtual global
    leadership team business improvement programme.
    Same input. Same output. Different approach.


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    HAVE A GO!

    We can still help. We’re still here continuing to build
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions:

Q. With the new social distancing and travel restrictions in place, can Merriweather continue to build inspiring winning teams?

A. Yes, we have introduced the brand-new Merriweather virtual global leadership team business improvement programme. It is our job and passion to be a thinking partner to our leader’s and we’re at our happiest when we know that your business is thriving. The challenges and expectations of leadership and business has not diminished and now more than ever we need all of our best people working together. We can still help. We’re still here, albeit virtually. Same input, same output, different approach.

Q. Who are our clients?

A. Typically we work with senior business leaders in multinational organisations.

We successfully partner with HR Leaders all around the World.

We work with ‘not for profit’ organisations and the occasional sports team also requests our help to achieve outstanding success.

Q. What do our clients achieve by engaging Merriweather services?


  • Build high performance teams
  • Accelerating the performance of a business and team - turbo charge your team
  • Integration of new teams and new leadership - prior to, during or post M & A activities
  • Alignment of teams - ensure clarity in a business and team
  • Overcoming, accepting and implementing change
  • Achieving challenging business targets
  • Developing leaders and teams
  • Overcoming team and leadership dysfunction

Q. What does success look like when you engage with Merriweather?


  • Winning teams
  • High performing teams
  • Career advancement
  • Bonus achieved
  • Targets exceeded
  • Empowered accountable leaders and teams - coming to work inspired and focused on getting the right job done
  • High performing teams famous for delivering what they say they will. (Merriweather teams typically deliver over 90% of their quarterly ambitious commitments)
  • A team people want to join and not leave
  • A fun place to work
  • Fewer and more exciting meetings

Q. When do leaders engage with Merriweather Business Improvement?

A. There is no one event or scenario which encourages leaders and teams to seek additional support to achieve further business success. It's more of a mindset around leading a winning team - winning teams don't happen by chance and need developing - regularly.

Teams seeking to go from good to great will engage Merriweather to support them in their journey and accelerate the rate of progress and change.

At times of great change, integrating new businesses or business units into existing business. Prior to or following M & A activities. When a new leader is appointed. When a team is struggling to fulfil it's potential. When a team is dysfunctional.


Q. How long does Business Improvement take?

A. Leaders will typically engage in business improvement with Merriweather on a 12 month basis - meeting for 2 days per quarter.
We encourage new clients to try the first meeting and then review with their teams to see if they would like to continue the journey.

Q. Is there any preparation time required?

A. For the team no. No preparation required. It's just a business meeting.
For the leader - yes. Typically half a day.

The leader will spend some time with the coach prior to the meeting to capture the clarity around their business plans and prepare to share these thoughts in a more compelling simple and inspirational way than their team has seen before.

The entire business improvement process is about supporting the success of the leader - alignment and clarity between the coach and leader is essential.

Q. Where are the meetings held?

A. Over the past 20 years these meetings have been in some unusual venues all around the world. Typically the meetings are held offsite in meeting rooms in hotels where the team stay for one night - the evening together is part of the Business Improvement Process.
We try to avoid / minimise using the projector when ever possible - therefore we are not constrained by your choice of meeting venue.
It's generally more productive if we can get everyone away from the office.

Q. What's the difference between the quarterly meetings?

A. The outputs are shown below:


As the team's performance improves more and more gets done - many conversations take less time - the outputs from the meetings become smarter and smarter business commitments owned and delivered by each and every team member. The leadership and team development conversations evolve at each meeting as each leader grows in experience.

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