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Developing Leaders and Teams

Merriweather has over twenty years’ experience of working with successful leaders around the world to build winning teams.

In addition to working with successful business leaders, Merriweather has also worked with leaders and teams in the ‘not for profit sector’, sports teams and yacht crews.

Our proven track record and approach has supported many successful leaders and yacht captains create a winning team where it is possible to get a small group of people to achieve the output of many more. With a winning team, four plus four can equal ten or even more when their focus and mind sets are aligned. By creating and agreeing upon clear goals and approaches, a winning team, in the office, on the sports field or on the water can work together effectively to resolve real-time problems and challenges.

Winning Teams


Acting on initiative becomes everyone’s way of working as the winning team finds ways to overcome the barriers that are in the way of top-class performance.

We know that creating a winning team does not happen by accident and requires constant attention. Our clients often tell us that the Merriweather process gives them a high performing team much quicker than they expected.

Leaders and yacht captains looking to build a high performing winning team engage with Merriweather in many situations:-

  • Building a new team
  • A new leader joins an existing team
  • New team members join an existing team
  • Overcome team dysfunctions
  • Merging existing teams
  • Integrating new business units
  • Overcoming new challenges
  • Ensuring continued success

Whatever the challenge, the Merriweather approach, supported by experienced and committed Merriweather coaches, will create a winning team that can deliver the high performance that is required.


Merriweather Builds Winning Teams In Over 40 Countries Around The World

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