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In business it is never all plain sailing. Things go wrong, businesses fail. Successful leaders are asked to take on new challenges to transform and improve under-performing business units.

The causes may not be in your control, however, the solutions have to be.

You have to lead and inspire a new approach, deliver an inspiring vision and plan for success. You will be required to take tough decisions, deliver change and take your team with you. Success rests with you and an inspired team can help you make it happen.     



  • Managing change
  • Team alignment
  • Uniting a business to deliver goals
  • Building a team of leaders
  • Overcoming team dysfunctions
  • Improving performance in a business
  • Realignment following reorganisation
  • Helping a new leader build a winning team
  • Developing talent
  • Building a team everyone wants to join and no one wants to leave
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Developing a high performance culture
  • Maintaining a thriving business
  • Inspiring a new level of commitment

established in 1997 by a unique partnership of a successful sportsman with an experienced corporate leader

Today Richard and Malcolm lead Merriweather and continue to transform leaders' teams and businesses all around the world through the Merriweather business improvement methods with inspirational coaching and facilitation.

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