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Our Approach

Merriweather's approach is often described by leaders and teams around the world as:

Inspirational • Unique • Different • Fun • Challenging • Common sense • Merriweather always delivers....

It is not uncommon for team members to cite their experience with Merriweather as the best meetings they have ever attended. They leave the meetings inspired, engaged, aligned, empowered and they have clarity.

  • We love to believe that common sense runs entirely throughout our approach, programmes and processes.
  • We understand the importance of an engaged audience and how to get it.
  • We know that people want to have fun.
  • We know that clarity is rare and takes time to achieve.
  • We do not believe ‘one-off’ engagements deliver a sustainable return to the leader, teams and organisations involved. Winning teams need to be worked at over time - they do not happen by chance.

Our continued investment in research and development drives our widely acclaimed business improvement methodology. The combination of our proven methods and an inspirational Merriweather business coach will equip you and your team to deliver your business plans like never before.


Evidence suggests that one of the hardest parts of building a winning team is getting the right people in a room together at the same time with the right mindset to have the conversations - if you can gather your people together - Merriweather will deliver the rest.

We continue to invest in research and development to continually develop and improve our "Business Improvement methods" and to keep our approach fresh and compelling.

Our clients only hire Merriweather because of the significant impact and difference we continue to make in their Business performance.

What will success look like for you with Merriweather?

  • A winning team 
  • Business goals achieved
  • A business plan stakeholders buy into
  • Improved employee engagement
  • A team of accountable leaders
  • Faster progress
  • A united and inspired team
  • Agreed actions plans delivered
  • More effective meetings
  • Team collaboration, alignment and commitment
  • Recognition and career progression
  • More fun
  • Bonus achieved
  • Exciting and effective meetings
  • Fewer meetings
  • Less stress


Merriweather Transforms Leaders, TeamS and Businesses In Over 40 Countries AROUND The World

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