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Siemens Italy

The story so far...



Meet every forecast, move to profitability, and grow the business.


Newly appointed CEO to transform SIS Siemens Italy into a profitable organisation. Amongst other actions he engaged Merriweather to deliver the Five Phase Business Improvement Programme.

Business Challenges

  • Forecasts not met in the past 10 quarters
  • A previously unsuccessful restructuring programme
  • Dysfunctional team: 3 CEO’s and 3 CFO’s during the previous 4 years
  • An oversized management team with too many senior directors
  • A team which had rarely spent more than 6 hours in a room together
  • Strategy meetings were few and far between
  • Objective setting had been de-prioritised
  • Lack of clarity of vision, priorities and team purpose

The Measure of Transformation

As part of the programme process Merriweather measures the team’s effectiveness throughout the journey using the programme success factors. The success factors are measured at Phase 1 and Phase 4 of the BIP.

The business improvement of the SIS Siemens Italy team is illustrated in the graph here.


Programme Success factors reported by the team:

The transformation I have seen in my team includes greater trust and openness, improved co-operation and alignment of goals. I knew from past experience of this programme that the Merriweather programme would overcome at least 75% of the team’s dysfunction.

  • A high performing team is in place
  • New energy in leadership team
  • Step by step clarity of strategy
  • Improved communication in our team
  • We have a shared vision
  • Common targets widely understood
  • Removal of barriers in our organisation

Programme Success factors reported by the leader:

  • For me the key difference with the programme compared to other Leadership Development Programmes is that the focus remains very close to the everyday operational needs, enabling me to get the job done.
  • Exceptional delivery team / business coaches
  • Candid feedback for the leader and team members partners
  • Merriweather is a third party which understands my business and the dynamics of the team
  • Providing an external perspective the business coaches observe and personally coach individuals
  • Merriweather holds the mirror in front of the leader and team, and if the individual doesn’t like what they see then the business coaches assigned support them in changing it
  • The programme provides a strong grounding and a reason for a new team to unite and form a relationship
  • I am continuing with this programme!

"The business successes I am most proud of during the Merriweather programme are meeting every forecast, moving to profitability and at the same time growing."

Robert Goëgele

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