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Improving Business Performance

Business improvement with Merriweather is an iterative, engaging and highly productive series of business focused conversations and it's generally good fun too!!

It's the perfect leadership team meeting where your business gets done. The entire focus of your team meeting is your business and your people.

Typically leaders gather their extended leaderships teams (10-30 people) together with a Merriweather coach/facilitator for 2 days every quarter - this replaces all other leadership team meetings - generally giving everyone time back by not having to attend so many meetings.

The short term measure of success of these meetings is the delivery of the teams personal quarterly commitments - which are agreed at the conclusion of each quarterly meeting.

The output of these inspirational and empowering business meetings is an aligned, inspired and high performing team who increasingly hold each other accountable for the delivery of their personal commitments.

Equipped with clarity from their leader the team identify and resolve their prioritised business challenges.

Teams review, develop and contribute towards their short medium and longer term plans business plans.

Buy-in to some 'agreed ways of working' and 'the desired culture' of the team is achieved by investing time in leadership and team development conversations - helping to build a winning team of more exemplary leaders - with a common taxonomy and understanding of leadership, team work and effective behaviours.

These 3 points below describe a normal team: 
  • 80% of people who leave teams do so because of their leader.
  • 30% of time is wasted in a normal organisation due to a lack of clarity.
  • 75% of projects fail to deliver on time or on budget.


High potential leaders, ambitious leaders and great leaders will always attract the greatest business challenges. When your opportunity to shine presents itself, imagine if you had a proven psychological process to 'plug into' to ensure your continued success. A process which will engage your team like never before to embrace the challenges ahead, move on from the past and enjoy working together to identify and resolve the business challenges between them and business success.

In our experience, most of the answers to most of your business challenges lie in the heads of your team members - imagine the impact of the team sharing freely, honestly and consistently all their experiences of your team and channelling that energy and experience into the prioritised areas.

Imagine your team uniting around resolving the challenges in your business and supporting each other to execute their plans and actions. Supporting each other to remain focused on what has been agreed as the priorities. Imagine the impact of all your team contributing to building your short, medium and long term plans. Imagine the business performance improvement you would achieve with a team who are aligned, inspired and totally engaged.

The corporate world is often flooded with good ideas, and there is often an abundance of good intentions too. All too often what’s missing is the ability to get others to do what you believe is important - just do it! Execute! Engage with an inspirational Merriweather Business Coach to quickly and simply enjoy bringing your team together like never before - to improve your business performance.

Merriweather teams are not normal - Merriweather teams become famous for achieving over 90% of the quarterly commitments they make together. They also become teams which everybody wants to join and no one wants to leave - famous for getting the job done.



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