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CEO, Clark MacFarlane, inherited a failing and dysfunctional business – mistrusted internally and struggling to win major new business. Audits were common place, delighted customers and analysts were scarce – HQ needed to scrutinise every aspect of our Business, the Leadership team was far from aligned inspired or united. The business was losing millions of pounds each year and were now asked to lead and manage the North West European Countries (Cluster) too without additional resource.

Business Challenges

  • Win new business
  • Improve the way SIS North West Europe does its business
  • Create a business environment which is recognised as ‘stable and under control’
  • Need to achieve absolute year on year revenue growth
  • Wanted to achieve a leading position in Industry surveys
  • Deliver shareholders an appropriate return
  • Become lean and efficient
  • Leadership team stop looking inward
  • Leadership team inspire an improvement in productivity and performance

The Measure of Transformation

The business performance and leadership team has changed beyond recognition. At the end of the fiscal year the business was showing a modest profit, the leadership team had found the ‘spring in their step’, acting like volunteers and external business analysts had started to talk about the business in a favourable light.

Programme Success factors reported by the team:

  • We are generating success stories
  • A willing leadership team behaving like volunteers
  • Confidence to win deals
  • It’s fun to be in this team
  • We have generated a modest profit
  • We are recognised as exemplary leaders
  • Great people are joining the team
  • We are doing better business
  • We are excited about winning new deals
  • We have team spirit
  • The strategy is working
  • We are empowered to make decisions
  • People want to join us – not leave us

Programme Success factors reported by the leader:

  • Since we started with Merriweather we have given ourselves a special and unique opportunity to grow our business and be a part of great story.
  • £70 loss ---> £15 Million Profit
  • Lowest cost Cluster in SIS
  • Award winning €700M Business
  • Stabilised projects
  • Inspired and aligned organisation of over 4000 people
  • Clear sales structure
  • Trusted Financial leadership
  • Outstanding Analyst recognition
  • New order growth in existing accounts
  • Competitive Bid Team
  • High performing Leadership team

"As a result of our Merriweather programme we now have a willing and accountable team of volunteers who run the Business like they own it and now have the confidence to face our challenges head on."

Clark MacFarlane


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