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Developing Leaders and Teams

Merriweather work with global organisations to develop leaders and executive teams.

What can normal leadership look like?

  • 80% of people who leave teams do so because of their leader.
  • 30% of time is wasted in a normal organisation due to a lack of clarity.
  • 75% of projects fail to deliver on time or on budget.

Imagine leading a team of more accountable leaders - a team, who are focused on inspiring others to perform. Focused and equipped on delivering what is required, important and agreed upon.

Imagine your role as the leader as a coach - encouraging, guiding and sharing your experiences as opposed to policing what’s NOT happening. Merriweather leaders are accountable leaders, famous for delivering what’s required and building teams people want to join.

Developing leaders requires time and trust. To grow leaders through a successful journey is the ideal. Imagine empowering your team to lead, to take decisions, to take some 'risks' - for you to genuinely follow this path of developing leaders you need to know the team have a consistent, clear and measureable approach to their leadership.

The Merriweather process, approach and methodology - shared through an inspirational Business Coach - will equip you and your team simultaneously to grow and develop as leaders whilst getting the job done. Many of us provide outstanding empowerment; love and coaching to our loved ones at home. With the proven Merriweather process, you and your team can enjoy practising a similarly effective approach at work. Customers, stakeholders, team members will all see and enjoy the benefits of working with more exemplary leaders. Merriweather will provide the framework and inspiration through your quarterly leadership team meetings to transform your team, leaders and business simultaneously.

Don’t be normal - get a Merriweather team

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