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Challenge 6

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At Merriweather we recommend the use of a very straight forward Employee Engagement Survey. It is quick and easy to use and many of the leaders we support have reported that it has taken them to the heart of their organisation very quickly.

Leaders foster collaboration and build spirited teams, actively involving others. Collaboration is the skill that enables teams to function effectively. Creating a climate where people are involved and feel important is at the heart of strengthening others.

To encourage your team to focus more on the leadership of their people and improve employee satisfaction, encourage them to take a take a few minutes to score themselves against the statements below.

You can use the outcome in team and 1:1 discussions where you can identify what needs to change and improve.

The rating scale runs from;

  1. Almost Never
  2.  Rarely
  3. Seldom
  4. Once In A While
  5. Occasionally
  6. Sometimes
  7. Fairly Often
  8. Usually
  9. Very Frequently
  10. Almost Always

The questions are:-

  1. It is fun to be in this Team
  2. I feel valued & significant
  3. I can see opportunities for my career growth
  4. I am clear on my priorities
  5. We have exciting & effective meetings in my Team

You will be surprised how effectively this short survey works.

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