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Challenge 5

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At Merriweather we are always pleased to hear when someone wants to address this all too symptom of poor leadership.

The meetings where Merriweather coaches support our clients become without question the most exciting and effective meetings they attend. We work with leaders to help make their meetings relevant, enjoyable and useful. 

Our measure of success is that team members look forward to their meetings and rely on them to deliver their objectives effectively.

So here are some of the things that we see many successful leaders do to achieve outstanding meetings.

Publish well in advance the dates of the team’s quarterly meetings for the year. This is a way of treating team members with respect and importance.

Consider fully what needs to be achieved.

Make the meeting rules very clear. 

Introduce the Merriweather concept of REG and call it out during meetings.

Invite all the people you need to be involved in the conversations.

Publish as far in advance as possible a clear agenda showing the outputs that need to be achieved.

Ensure that there is time and a process by which everyone will be heard.

Encourage all speakers to be brief, well prepared and inspirational.

Lose the PowerPoint slides.

Allow sufficient time for questions and facilitate the conversations towards the desired conclusions.

Establish as a team your Thematic Goal; the single most important objective that has to be achieved in the coming quarter and call out the actions and owners for this to be delivered.

Collate the actions in a dashboard and review this on a regular basis. 

Make time in the breaks for calls and emails so that you can demand everyone’s full attention in the meeting room.

Engage a Merriweather coach and put your team through a Merriweather Business Improvement Programme.

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