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Challenge 4

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Many of our clients; supported by a Merriweather coach, have achieved a swift rise towards the top of their organisation.

Here are some of the ways in which they differentiate themselves and make a difference to their organisation.

First and probably most importantly they do not focus on career advancement, in fact, almost the opposite, they focus upon outstanding delivery in their current role.

They let it be known that while delivering at their current level, they will soon be looking for their next greater leadership challenge. The leaders who we have seen rise the most rapidly and stay at the top for the longest focus on exemplary leadership.

They all share one common approach; they all prioritise leadership over achieving tasks!

We have seen that there comes a time in every managers career when they realise two very important lessons:- they can’t achieve everything on their own and they have to stop trying to do other people’s jobs for them!

They have to do what they were hired to do – Lead.

Leadership takes time and demands that you are not selfish.

Build a team of leaders around you. Learn how to get the best out of your people.

Be patient.

Generate and publicise your good news stories.

Ensure that all of your team can act as ambassadors for you.

Recognise and celebrate success.

The manner in which you lead your team to success will help position you as a safe pair of hands who should be trusted with the next big challenge.

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